As fall settles into the Lake Norman area, you might be looking forward to evenings spent outside, sitting around the fire pit, watching the moonlight shine off of the surface of the lake. At LightStyles, we love this time of year, and if you’re in need of new outdoor lighting, then we can provide you with the perfect options. Whether you’re looking for front porch lights, garden lights, or landscape lighting, you can find it in our showroom!

Front Yard Lights

When people arrive at your home, whether for a dinner party or just to spend time with you and your family, you want them to feel welcomed. If they arrive after sunset, then it’s important that there’s plenty of light to show them the way to your front door. Your front yard lighting should make your property safe to navigate, and it should also highlight the features of your home. Pathway lights along the sidewalk, as well as uplighting near your trees and bushes can create an inviting ambience that makes people feel at home from the moment they step out of the car.

When it comes to outdoor lighting styles, it’s important to keep in mind the lights that you currently have. If you have Rustic or Craftsman fixtures, then we can help you find options that match. Should you want to update your exterior lighting with a new style, we can help with that as well.

Backyard Lights

The backyard is where everything happens during the fall months. You may have a deck or patio where you spend your evenings, or you might have a fire pit area that gets used on a regular basis this time of year. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to have the right lighting in place for any situation. Ground-level lights can show the way to the seating area around the fire pit, and post- or pier-head lights can help brighten your deck or patio.

It’s good to keep your lighting design consistent between the front and backyards. A unified style can make your home feel complete, even if guests never set foot inside the house. If there’s a walkway that connects your front and backyards, then make sure you have enough lighting in place so that there are no unexpected dark spots. Shadows are fine (and will be unavoidable after sundown), and they can help balance your outdoor illumination and keep it from being too dark around your property. However, you also want people to be able to see where they’re going!

Lighting Controls and Timers

It’s easy to turn on the front porch light or the fixture above the back door with a flick of a switch inside the house, but what about the other outdoor lights that you plan on adding? Indoor lighting controls are the most convenient, but it’s important to make sure that you have a switch or a dimmer for each fixture or set of fixtures. For example, you’ll want to be able to turn on your deck lights separately from your pathway lights. This will allow you to create the mood that you want, without having to worry about using fixtures that you don’t need.

As for timers, they can make life much easier, especially when it comes to front yard lighting. Having your porch, garage, and landscape lights come on automatically at the same time every evening can save you both time and energy. It’s important to check your outdoor timers every so often, and make sure you change them once Daylight Savings Time ends in November!

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If you’ve been thinking about adding new outdoor lighting, then we hope you’ll visit our showroom. We carry the latest trends and styles, and our team can help you decide which fixtures are right for your property. You can come in with any design ideas you may have, or we can work with you on coming up with the perfect layout.

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