Update Your Home’s Exterior!

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There are many things you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal, such as updating the landscaping, putting on new siding, and more. At LightStyles in Cornelius, we can help your curb appeal by providing new exterior lighting that makes your home more attractive!

A house with nice exterior lightingNew Front Yard Landscape Lighting

New landscape lighting can accentuate and highlight your trees, bushes, and other front yard greenery. It’s easy to see how great a house looks in the daylight, but with the proper landscape fixtures, you can make people slow down and take notice in the evening as well.

An exterior light highlighting an American flagHighlight Your Home’s Features

You don’t only have to shine light on your trees — you can also highlight your home’s architectural features with new landscape lighting. Perhaps your house has a beautiful brick facade that you want to showcase at night — if so, you can add ground-level lights that shine upwards to illuminate the front of your home.

A brick path with lights running along the sidesMake Your Property Easy to Enjoy

New exterior lighting also makes your property easier to navigate, which boosts its appeal for anyone who comes to visit during the evening hours. Post lights and pathway lighting show the way to your front door, and backyard lighting helps people see as they go to and from the house during a weekend gathering.

Lights place to illuminate an outdoor areaMake Your Home More Secure

Whenever someone looks at your home and envisions themselves living there, one thing they often think of is security. Well-placed, functional outdoor lighting can make your house look and feel more secure, which can be very appealing. By adding new exterior lights, timers, and more you can let neighbors and passers-by know that you take security very seriously.

Curb appeal includes many things, but if you’re looking to make your home more attractive after the sun has set, visit LightStyles today to see what outdoor lights you can find. We carry products from the world’s leading brands, and our team will gladly help you choose the best options.

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