At LightStyles, we love helping people find the perfect lighting options for every room in their home. Each space needs its own aesthetic, and with the right fixtures, you can achieve the look and feel you want. When you shop in our showroom, you will discover amazing lights for your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and more.


Bathrooms are no longer simply small, utilitarian spaces where you get ready for work in the morning. They are now often large, luxurious spaces where you can escape from the world and indulge in a nice, hot shower or a long, relaxing soak in the tub.

When it comes to bathroom lighting, it’s essential to have a mix of ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient light is provided by the fixture on the ceiling, which can be a semi-flush mount or even a mini chandelier. Task lighting comes from vanity fixtures, or even better, wall sconces on either side of the mirror. You can add accent lighting through sconces on the wall or LED strip lighting on the cabinet bases.


Your bedroom is your retreat from the world. The atmosphere should be one that’s designed for rest and relaxation, which means your lighting has to be just right. Everything from the fan or hanging fixture on the ceiling to the lamps next to the bed need to provide adequate illumination for a variety of purposes.

You can also add wall sconces and other accent lights to help you create an ambience that makes the space more comfortable. With the right lighting controls for each fixture, you can raise and lower the lights as necessary, depending on the season or time of day.

Dining Room

You may not use your dining room on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean that the lighting should be less than perfect. The lighting design should combine beauty and function, with a blend of ambient, accent, and task fixtures.

The focal point of any dining room should be the chandelier, which we can help you choose. You can also incorporate sconces, recessed lights, and track lighting for accent and task illumination. If you have a side buffet or china cabinet, then it’s important that it’s lit properly. Artwork on the walls should also be highlighted with the right fixtures!


The lighting in your entryway is what greets guests when they arrive, as well as what creates that ever-important first impression. Depending on the size and shape of your foyer or entry, you can hang a large chandelier that can be seen from outside, or you can opt for a flush or semi-flush mount for spaces with standard ceilings.

Sconces and pendants are also good choices for entryways, especially when paired with mirrors that bounce light around the space, making it feel bigger. Whatever lights you choose, it’s important that they make the entry bright and inviting.

Family/Great Room

A family room or great room can provide challenges when it comes to lighting, simply because it’s often one of the larger spaces in the house. It’s important to layer the lighting in this room, with a large central fixture, such as a chandelier. Recessed lights can also be placed in the ceiling for additional ambient illumination. Sconces and floor lamps can provide light for the walls and corners, while table lamps give plenty of light for reading and other tasks.

If you use the family room for watching TV and movies, then dimmer switches are a must. You don’t want to have a glare on the screen while you’re watching your favorite show!

Game Room

A game room can be one of the more popular spaces in a house. Both kids and adults love spending time there, and it’s imperative to have the proper lighting in each area of the room. Pool table lights are a must for the billiards table, while table lamps are great for any bar or seating area.

Dimmers are also a good choice for a game room, since they provide you with the ability to set the levels where you want them for entertaining guests, watching TV, or any scenario. It’s important for your game room lighting to be versatile!


Proper hallway lighting can be tricky, since you want to make sure the entire length of the corridor is illuminated. For ceiling fixtures, they should be placed every eight to 10 feet. These fixtures can be flush-mount fixtures or pendants (if the ceiling is high enough). Depending on the width of the hallway, you might be able to add wall sconces for additional illumination.

For halls that lead to stairways, it’s important to light the stairs from top to bottom, with controls in both spots. Sconces are also a great choice for stairs, but it’s important to make sure they’re not placed too high or too low in relation to the height of the stairs.


The kitchen is likely the center of activity in your home. You use it morning, noon, and night, and when you have people over, it’s where everyone gathers as food is being prepared and appetizers are being served. When it comes to kitchen lighting, there are many possibilities that can make the space feel like new.

Island pendants are a great place to start, since they will light the main gathering spot in the kitchen — the island. You can also choose a pendant for your breakfast nook, or you can go with a small chandelier. Under cabinet lights are also a must, since they’ll help you see as you chop, prep, and clean up.

Living Room

The living room is used for various purposes. It might be where you like to gather as a family to play games or watch TV, or it could be your favorite reading spot, in a chair next to the fireplace. When it comes to lighting, blending ambient, accent, and task fixtures will create the layers you need for optimal comfort.

A ceiling fan or chandelier can provide the main source of light, with sconces and lamps creating accent illumination. A lamp on an end table is great for reading and other tasks, and it can provide that warm glow that makes the living room feel more inviting.


For those who work from home, or who simply use their home office on a regular basis, good lighting is very important. From the overhead lights to the desk lamp, office lighting needs to be bright, functional, and appealing. Taking the time to choose the right fixtures can make all the difference once you’re using the space several hours per week.

You can incorporate many different types of lighting into the home office, including ceiling fans, wall sconces, floor lamps, and more. If you’re going to arrange the room for maximum productivity, then make sure you have lights in all the right spots, whether you’re sitting at the desk or reading on the couch.


The outside of your home is the first thing that people see when they come to visit. If they visit at night, then your outdoor lighting needs to create a welcoming and inviting ambience. From your patio or porch lights to your pathway fixtures, exterior lighting needs to provide an appealing atmosphere, as well as promote safety and security.

Designing your outdoor lighting plan can seem challenging, but when you include lights of all types, including wall-mounts, hanging fixtures, landscape lights, and more, you will make the outside of your home more accessible, and it will function as an extension of your indoor living spaces.

The Perfect Lighting for Every Room

No matter which room you want to improve with new lighting, the team at LightStyles can help you discover the perfect fixtures for any space. We’d love to put our years of experience to use for you, and when you shop in our showroom, you’ll have access to beautiful fixtures from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our team of design experts can sit down with you and go room by room through your house, looking at which options will be best for each space. We’ll gladly look at any ideas that you have for your home, and we can answer all of your questions.

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