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Your home’s entryway is arguably one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior. After all, it’s the first thing guests see when they visit your home. If you have a front porch with a porch swing, a rocking chair, tables, and more, your porch can say a lot about who you are. Regardless, no matter if you have an elaborate front porch or a simple entryway, your front porch lights can (and do) make a big statement.

LightStyles is a local lighting store located in Cornelius, North Carolina. Our exceptional lighting showroom was established in 1984, and we work diligently to bring you the latest indoor and outdoor lighting, including lighting trending styles, so you can have the perfect indoor and outdoor spaces. Below, we’ll take a look at some of our front porch lights you may want to consider when upgrading yours. Stop by our lighting showroom, or browse online today!

Wall Lanterns

Wall lanterns are extremely popular as front porch lights. Many people purchase two of these to flank their front door, which offer a good amount of light to see by. From wall sconces to modern and contemporary wall lanterns, you can craft a very traditional or a modern look to really show off your style.

Hanging Lanterns

Picture a lantern suspended from the ceiling, and you have a hanging lantern. Hanging lanterns are very popular with homeowners in Cornelius. They evoke history and can be extremely simple or very complex with intricate designs. You can create a whole theme with hanging lanterns, from nautical to rustic and country. Plus, you’ll light up your space with character and pizzazz.

Hanging Outdoor Pendants

There are dozens of options for ceiling-mounted lights for your Cornelius home’s front porch that can add charm and charisma to your space. One of these includes hanging pendants. Pendants come in all styles, sizes, and finishes to complement the look and feel of your front porch. You can really make a statement with a hanging pendant since they are noticeable to guests and to you as you use your front porch area.

Porch Step Lights

Porch step lights first gained popularity as a safety feature. However, recently, they have become an important element in outdoor living design. Porch step lights not only light up your porch steps so you can see them better, but they also offer a more welcoming atmosphere. Plus, trick-or-treaters will thank you for them every October!


Many people have beautiful front porches and home exterior architectural features that they want to highlight, from columns to ornate archways. If you happen to live in a historical home, uplighting can also add value to your home as others notice these features immediately. In addition, uplighting is not as common as other types of front porch lighting, so you can truly make your Cornelius home stand out from the crowd.


Exterior spotlights are excellent outdoor lighting options that can be used to highlight many areas and items of interest on your front porch in Cornelius, North Carolina. Some of these include plants, pots, swings, statutes, an outdoor porch fountain, and more. There’s so much to be said to adding these little touches that can really make a difference in your outdoor living area and how frequently you use this valuable space.

Seasonal Lighting

Some of your best memories may be seasonal lighting around your favorite holidays. When you invest in seasonal lights, such as colored lighting around Christmas time or string lighting for Easter, you can create charm and help to lift the spirits in others when they arrive at your front porch. Let’s face it, you can put an immediate smile on someone’s face (even the package delivery person) when you have a well-lit, beautiful front porch with candles, spooky lanterns at Halloween, and more. Shop at Cornelius’ premiere lighting store today.


There is much to fret about these days, so having the ability to make someone’s day is priceless. Your front porch lighting design does matter, if to no one else but you. Give yourself and others the gift of a beautiful welcome when they visit your home in Cornelius, North Carolina. LightStyles prides itself on offering the best customer service experience. We’ve arranged our lighting showroom in rooms, so you can get more ideas for how lighting will look in your space. Stop by to see the possibilities, and shop online today!

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