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Landscape lighting can boost curb appeal, light up favorite architectural and landscape decor, and add depth and interest to your outdoor living space. Beyond that, it can also bring a deeply satisfying smile to your face when you sit down at the end of a long work week to relax. LightStyles is a lighting store located in Cornelius, North Carolina. Below, we’ll take a look at the best landscape lighting ideas. Stop by our lighting store, or browse online today!

Pathway Lighting

There’s something about pulling up to your home or someone else’s home and seeing a lighting pathway that guides you to their front door, back porch, or through their garden. It gives you a sense of security and peace, and it immediately shows you the way without having to think about it. LigthStyles is proud to offer you a variety of pathway lighting to meet your home or office’s needs. Speak with a lighting designer to discover more today.


Spotlights are one of the best ways to draw the attention of the viewer to one particular area or feature of your landscaping. From trees and fountains to a statue or bird bath, spotlights add interest and brighten up your space. Our lighting store in Cornelius offers a plethora of options for you to choose from, including many styles and finishes. This allows for the ultimate in customization and for you to allow your lighting to melt into the night if you wish.

Water Feature Lighting

Outdoor fountains, ponds, and other water features are some of the best landscaping additions to your outdoor living area. They have the unique ability to calm and soothe us with their sound, and they are great for the area wildlife, so they are a must-have if you are trying to attract songbirds, butterflies, or other passing critters in the night. Our water feature lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor fountain at night, too.

Post Mount Lights

Post mount lighting is a type of lighting that sits atop posts in your yard. Some people use this type of lighting as pathway lighting, which serves to elevate the light and light up more of the path at night. Post mount lights have the unique ability to cast nostalgia on your day, as they remind you of late 19th century lighting. Choose from LifeStyles’ assortment of options, colors, finishes, and styles to truly customize your outdoor space today.

Deck Lights

If you love to spend time on your deck at night, then deck lighting is a must-have. It adds interest and safety, so you can see the steps going up and down. You can also add deck lighting to your railing and posts both for aesthetics and safety. We pride ourselves at LightStyles in Cornelius of having one of the largest selections of deck lighting for your needs. Customize the size and shape for a unique twist to deck lighting today.


Bollards add an air of sophistication and modernism to any outdoor space. Very popular amongst commercial businesses because of their height and the amount of light they emit for safety reasons, bollards are appearing more in residential landscaping designs for the very same reasons. We offer LED and solar options for bollard lighting, making them extremely efficient and low maintenance. If you are looking to add a unique look to your outdoor living space, try bollards today.

Flood Lights

Flood lights, or security lights, are great additions to your outdoor landscaping needs. They provide a large amount of lighting and are popular for security. One of the best features of flood lights is that they can operate on sensors, so you don’t have to have them on all the time. This is great if you love dark skies and being able to see the stars at night. Shop all of our flood lights for your landscaping needs today.


Landscaping lighting really makes your outdoor living area pop and makes it liveable and safe past dark. LifeStyles in Cornelius works diligently to offer you the best selection of landscape lighting for optimal customization and function. We receive hundreds of new lighting products on a monthly basis, and our lighting showroom changes on a weekly basis. We encourage you to stop by and see what’s new. Our lighting designers are available for free consultation, suggestions, and helpful advice when you need it. If you are looking to add interest and vitality to your landscape lighting, stop by, or shop online today.

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