Lighting experts acknowledge that LED tape lighting is rapidly replacing traditional recessed undercabinet lighting, thanks to its ease of installation, warm color temperature and low profile.

The most popular application for LED tape lighting is kitchen under cabinet lighting. It places light closer to work surfaces and avoids casting shadows for tasks such as food prep, recipe reading and cooking. Tape lighting also allows for edge-to-edge coverage of cabinets, which eliminates bright spots or dark spots.

Another use for LED tape lighting is in toe kicks, since it is low profile and easily hidden in narrow spaces. It can also be run along the tops of cabinets to provide more ambient light, or inside cabinets to add light to dark corners and put the spotlight on collections, glassware, etc. One of the benefits of LEDs is no heat production – so cabinets stay cool.

Many homeowners use tape lighting for cove lighting or around a skylight as an accent – it can be concealed under or behind shelving, or inside a niche. Tape lighting can also be placed on stair risers to make ascending or descending easier, especially for older homeowners. The energy efficiency of LEDs makes them ideal for these application – they can be left on 24/7 with extremely low energy cost.

Do you have an outdoor fountain, pool or hot tub? New wet application tape lighting will allow you to put your garden or deck in a whole new light – just talk to our lighting experts about options.

It’s important to choose quality LED tape lighting for the best color temperature. Inexpensive LEDs tend to lose both power and consistent color over time. Our staff can help you choose a good color temperature (high CRI) for even coverage and long-lasting output. Per the Kelvin chart, a good temperature is in the 2,700 to 3,200 degree range for a warmer color.

Many types of tape lighting are easily installed by you or, if you prefer, an electrician. The flexible tape has a sticky back that adheres to a cabinet or shelf and can be threaded around or through tight spaces. There are plug-in transformers that use existing outlets – or drivers that give more control and can be hidden in a cabinet or on top of the refrigerator.

Come in today to talk to us about upgrading your kitchen, living room, dining room or stairs with LED tape lighting! We’ll help you make the best decision for your investment.