At LightStyles in Cornelius, we love when people come into our showroom looking for new lighting options. Each person has their own tastes and needs, whether they’re looking for lights for their dining room or new bedroom lighting. Our store is filled with fantastic options, so if you are looking for new bedroom lights, then we’re here to help!

Ambient Lighting

Nearly every room’s lighting design begins with the overhead, or ambient, lighting. The bedroom is no different, and this means that you’re likely looking for that central ceiling light before you choose any accent or task fixtures. For many bedrooms, the ambient light comes from a ceiling fan but if you’re looking for something more unique, then our team can help.

A hanging fixture such as a small chandelier could look perfect in your bedroom, and you’ll have the style and the illumination that you need. You can also add recessed lights to the room, but it’s important to consider carefully where they’ll be placed, since you want them to add to the room’s design, not detract from it.

Accent and Task Lighting

As for accent and task lighting in your bedroom, the most popular choice is the bedside lamp. These lamps provide additional illumination and are often the preferred light source when you’re getting ready for bed, since you don’t want the bright light from the overhead fixtures. They also prove useful as task lighting when you’re reading in bed or browsing the news on your phone before going to sleep.

Wall sconces and floor lamps are additional accent fixtures that can be ideal for your bedroom. Sconces can provide the perfect touch for those areas that need a bit more light, and a well-placed floor lamp can light up a corner that otherwise might seem too dark.

Choosing Your Lighting Style

You may already know which fixtures you need for your bedroom, but how do you decide what style of lighting will be best? With so many options out there, ranging from Transitional and Contemporary to Industrial and Art Deco, it can be difficult to choose a style that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

At LightStyles, we understand that style matters to you, and we’re well-versed in every lighting and decor trend that we have on display in our showroom. If you’re debating between Rustic lighting and Craftsman lighting, then we can explain the features and benefits of each option so you can make an informed choice. If you’re not sure which style you want and are simply looking for design ideas, then we can provide guidance there as well.

Your bedroom lighting should illuminate the space properly, provide the ambience you want at any time of day, and make you feel comfortable every time you’re in the room. If you’d like to see what we have to offer, then please come to our showroom today. We’ve helped countless people in the north Charlotte and Lake Norman areas find the perfect lighting options for their homes, and we’d love to provide you with amazing products that fit your budget and your tastes.

We look forward to helping you choose the best lights for your home!