When you bought or built your home, one of the key features that you may have wanted was a large master bathroom. You may have lived in houses where there was no master bathroom, or you had a master bathroom that was cramped and poorly lit. With your current home, you want a large, spa-like bathroom where you can get ready in the morning before work, as well as relax in the evening by taking a nice hot bath. However, if your bathroom lighting isn’t quite right, or it looks a bit outdated, then we’re here to help. At LightStyles NC in Cornelius, we can provide you with new fixtures for your master bath, making it easy to turn it into the space that you’ve always wanted.

Sink and Vanity Lighting

One of the first areas in your bathroom that may need a lighting update is the sink and vanity area. You use this area both in the morning and in the evening, and when you’re standing in front of the mirror, you need the lighting to be perfect. The traditional vanity fixture of four light bulbs may have worked in the past, but you’re ready for something different. Instead of having the light source above the mirror, consider placing wall sconces on either side of the mirror. This can eliminate any unwanted shadows and lines on your face when you’re shaving or putting on makeup.

Shower and Tub Lighting

It’s important to be able to see as you’re showering or bathing, but you don’t need a ton of light in this area. If you’ve been relying on a single overhead fixture to provide all of the ambient lighting in your master bathroom, then it’s probably time to add some new lights. Recessed lights can be a great choice above the tub or shower, since they don’t intrude into the physical space. If you have an arched or vaulted ceiling above your tub, then you can think about adding a hanging fixture like a mini chandelier or a single pendant. A light such as this can also add to the style and elegance of the bathroom.

Choosing Your Lighting Style

When it comes to bathroom lighting trends and styles, it can seem like there’s an endless number of options from which to choose. While this might be true, it’s always good to think about what type of lighting you prefer. You may not know the name of the brand or style, but when you come to our showroom, bring examples that you’ve seen in design catalogs or online. Better yet, look through our catalog to find inspiration for your master bathroom! You can sort by style, so whether you want Rustic, Transitional, or Crystal fixtures, you can find them in our inventory.

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